Entry #1


2013-04-17 00:35:42 by clayscence

Hi! I am a digital artist joining Newgrounds today to share my art with you and to get to know new people!
I am clayscence at deviantART, which is my main page :)
I'll be posting my art here so I hope you enjoy it!


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2013-04-17 01:13:27

Oh, yesh!! :D


2013-04-18 00:59:52

really like that soul eater one. give the manga a shot. a lot of the background characters are fleshed out a lot more in it.

clayscence responds:

thank you! yeah, I have to read the manga someday :D


2013-04-18 04:38:26

keep up the good work.. nice drawings!

clayscence responds:

thank you! I will


2013-04-20 05:23:47

I had to go to your dA account to make sure you were legit, and was astounded! Still can't believe you pulled off so many different art styles so convincingly!

You just put your small country on the map http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Uruguay Welcome to Newgrounds, where I trust you will receive constructive criticism, even though it all looks so flawless!

I also hope you'll write reviews for our artists, and suggest techniques... Also, it might be helpful if the viewers here knew when you did some these pieces. You've been at this for quite some time, huh?

clayscence responds:

thank you so much! yeah, the anime drawings are the oldest, now I am trying to do more realistic stuff :) You are right, I have to write the year I made them. I will try to give reviews and suggestions for sure! thanks for the support!


2013-04-26 10:01:07

se que eres de uruguay y por lo que tengo entendido alla hablan en español

clayscence responds:

jaja sisi, hablamos español! tu de donde eres? :)


2013-04-27 19:38:21

Love your work. post some newer stuff though! Your pieces on DA are really good, but I don't want to get an account there!

clayscence responds:

haha thanks! I will, don't worry :D but very slowly because I am busy at the moment :)


2013-06-07 22:04:00

you're so cool at art that i decided to fan you ;).