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6/19/13 by clayscence
Updated 6/19/13

Hello everybody!
I finally finished uploading all of my drawings to Newgrounds! I just wanted to say thank you for the support, I found a lot of great people here and I am very happy I can share my works with you.
you are all awesome!

I am going to leave you here my other websites in case you have an account in one of them and want to add me :)
My deviantART:
My YouTube account, where I post my painting processes:
My Tumblr, where I post sketches and more:
My Facebook page, where I post sketches and more: e-Kosman/135628819834630
My Society6, where I sell my drawings as Iphone cases, bags, shirts, etc:

I'll be uploading more stuff soon!
see ya


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Yep and I like that.

No, I was just saying how close you were to a hundred, and was acting like I was raging XD.

6/22/13 clayscence responds:

oh haha now I get it :) I draw a lot uh? XD

Two short..... TWO SHORT!


But thats cool.

6/22/13 clayscence responds:

omg did I write "two short" somewhere? I can't see it D:



Ur a great artist

6/20/13 clayscence responds:

thank you very much!



You uploaded about 100 pictures! So everything you post from now on, will be brand spanking new?

6/20/13 (Updated 6/20/13) clayscence responds:

yeap :) the last two were pretty new. from now on I' will not upload as regularly as I did before, only new stuff!